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What Is It?

In a nutshell, the Automatic Retweeter grabs the recent tweets from people you follow and turns them into an RSS Feed. Then, you can pass that RSS Feed into a service such as or to retweet everything back to twitter or another social network.

You can even filter your followers' tweets so that you only retweet links or your favorite hashtags. Also, you can filter out tweets with certain words or by certain people.

It's easy to set up and start retweeting, just download it and follow the instructions below.


You are welcome to download and use the Retweeter for free for personal or commercial projects. Please consider making a donation if you find it useful.

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Installation Instructions


To run the Automatic Retweeter, you need the following:

  • A web server or web host that runs PHP (I often use
  • A Twitter account, hopefully with a few followers


Follow the instructions below to install the automatic retweeter on your server.

  1. Open the file retweet.php.
  2. Create a Twitter App. This simply involves filling out some forms on Twitter.
    1. Go to
    2. Sign in with your twitter account.
    3. Click "Create a new application".
    4. Fill out the form, leaving the Callback URL blank.
    5. Once the application has been created, you will see a page of information. Copy and paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into the appropriate places in retweet.php.
    6. Click the button at the bottom that says "Create My Access Token", and then copy the Access Token and Access Token Secret into the variable in retweet.php.
  3. Enter the other relevant information into retweet.php, following the instructions in the file. This will determine what type of tweets you want to retweet (or don't retweet), as well as listing people that you might want to block.
  4. Upload the file to your web server or web host. This will probably require you to use FTP or something similar.
  5. Point your browser to the file on your server. For example, if your website is "" and you put the retweet.php file in a folder named "tweet", then you would type in "". This should display an RSS Feed of recent tweets from your followers.
  6. Now you can use this RSS Feed to retweet to your Twitter account with or, or a similar service that takes RSS feeds and stick them into various social networks on a periodic basis.

Having problems? Contact Me and I might be able to help.

Like how it works? Consider making a donation, please.

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