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Trans-mongolian : A long train journey

Mongolian Train Ride



Taj Mahal

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Why I Hate

I recently had a problem with a client's site that was out of my control. The site was hosted at GoDaddy, the web host and domain registrar made famous by their commercials of half-naked women. Because of the problem I was having, I needed to send in a support ticket through their website control panel. After doing this, I received a confirmation email. The first line of this email was as follows:

We received your request. While you're waiting, SAVE 25%*.

The end of the line was a link to their website to try to sell me even more stuff. Every single interaction I've ever had with GoDaddy has involved some type of upsell. Sometimes this is just slightly annoying, but when I have a technical problem and I'm cursing your company's name, an upsell is absolutely not warranted. There is no worse time to bring in the sales team than when the customer is already pissed off and making plans to take their business to the competitor.

A very long time ago I made the decision to not use GoDaddy for anything, whether it be hosting or domain parking. This recent experience further reinforced that decision.

Take A Walk (Around the World)

Micro Expressions: exploring motion image photography

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Yates Mill

Yates Mill Waterfall 2

Yates Mill Waterfall



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Bathing Ghats


Indian Man

Traffic Test

Drive Across Mongolia in 4 Minutes

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